Someone made a real, working Weasley family clock from Harry Potter


In the second book/movie of the Harry Potter series, Harry is sprung from his muggle prison by his friends Ron, Fred and George Weasley, and taken to their home to wait for another school year at Hogwarts to begin. This is Harry’s first time in a wizard family’s home. Upon their arrival, the boys try to sneak back inside just after sunrise and it becomes apparent that they didn’t have permission to leave in the first place.

A curious clock chimes, not to indicate the passing of an hour, but the location of three of the Weasley boys. There’s a clock hand for each member of the family with places like home, work, school, Quidditch, dentist etc. It’s pretty useful for wizards who seemingly shun all modern muggle GPS technology.

Muggle redditor tbornottb3 has created his very own working wizard clock for his family. The DIY instructions were posted to reddit and he started by using the shell of an antique clock. A friend with Illustrator helped design the clock face which was wood burned for an authentic look. Instead of rotating hands, a display of LED lights indicates where each family member is located.

weasley clock harry potter

OK so making a replica is easy enough for the craft savvy, but he took it even further. Using a Particle Proton kit ($19) allowed him to program his own Wi-Fi controller for the clock. His family members then installed the IFFT (If This Then That) app on their phones which sends a ping back to the clock when they have entered or left a location. So they can program their own locations for work and school. Genius! A little bit of code writing and wire mapping and the clock is complete.

He hopes to improve the clock even further by setting new triggers for Holiday, say if the forecast calls for snow. I don’t think these will be going into production anytime soon, but this will definitely inspire other muggles and squibs to make their own replications of their favorite wizard artifacts.

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