New discovery by LIGO proves Einstein’s theory

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Huge news announced!!! The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (also known as LIGO) has just announced that Gravitational Waves have been discovered in space. This is a GAME CHANGER. Let me explain…

In the year 1915, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves during his Theory of General Relativity. Now, 101 years later, his predictions are finally proved to be true.

LIGO physicists noticed a faint “Chirp” while observing the collision in two black holes. Up until this point, we have only been able to visualize the universe, and now, it may just be trying to communicate with us.

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Listening will now become another way to study and discover more of the universe around us. In addition, the universe has just been studied with light, now it can be studied using gravity as well. There is so much that we have not been able to explain or discover; a good reason for this is because we may have been studying them using the wrong tools. By studying using Gravity Waves, we will be able to get more accurate measures, as gravity does not become impeded by gas and dust and many other different things that impede light.

Scientists now plan to study a nearby supernova using both light and gravity. I cannot wait to hear the results!

Look it up for yourself here and leave us a comment below about what you may think this means for future study of the universe!

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