Let’s get hyped for Street Fighter V with cosplay


Tomorrow is the big day for fighting game fans since officially they can get their hands on Street Fighter V. Undoubtedly many of us will catch a case of gamer-itus tomorrow and have to stay home from work preparing for all of the tournaments this weekend. If you are like me, you have already been glued to Twitch.tv and Youtube watching videos and preparing your body for launch day. In trying to come up with another way to get even more hyped for the big day, I figured we could all take a break from the digital world and enjoy a list of some of the best Street Fighter cosplays of all time!

M. Bison by Ivy Doomkitty


Ivy Doomkitty is a cosplay superstar who can essentially do no wrong when it comes to costuming. The woman is an international cosplay ambassador who promotes the craft and speaks to thousands of people each year about body image and feeling good in your own skin. Her M. Bison is fantastic. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get an updated version of this one for Street Fighter V!

Ivy Doomkitty’s Instagram

Cammy by Cosplay Butterfly

(Photo by Think.Nu)

Cosplay Butterfly is a Canadian knockout who has some impressive cosplays to her name. Her Sailor Moon, Pheonix Force Emma Frost, and Black Cat cosplays are all breathtaking, but it’s this Cammy cosplay that is simply perfect. Much like Cosplay Butterfly’s cosplay, Cammy is looking to be a pretty top-tier character already in Street Fighter V.

Cosplay Butterfly’s Instagram

C.Viper by Happily Ever Jenna

(Photo by Masamune)

Happily Ever Jenna’s popularity is growing in the Northern California cosplay community. Recently she was even asked to be a special guest at Grape City Con. What’s most fascinating about her C. Viper cosplay is that apparently this was her very first cosplay! I asked Jenna why she chose C. Viper and she said, “She was my favorite character to play in Super Street Fighter 4. I looked at that character and said I could do that for Halloween! Then I got into cosplay and knew she would be perfect!”

Happily Ever Jenna’s Instagram

Dhalsim By Grunbeld Cosplay

(Photo by Bigwhitebazooka)

Holy smokes! Not only does this Dhalsim cosplay from Grunbeld Cosplay do the character justice, it brings the character to life. It’s extremely difficult to imagine that the fire-breathing yogi from the Street Fighter games has ever been done better than this in the cosplay world.

Grunbeld Cosplay’s Facebook

Alternate Costume Laura by AnaLú Sauceda

(Photo by Moreno Malo)

AnaLu Sauceda made waves with her original Laura cosplay practically immediately after the character was announced. Last month many alternate costumes were data-mined, including a super sexy alternate costume for Laura. It wasn’t a matter of if AnaLu was going to tackle the alternate costume, it was more a matter of when. AnaLu hit the cosplay jackpot when Laura was announced.

AnaLú Sauceda’s Instagram

Chibi Chun Li by Unknown 

(Photo by Sam Lau)

Undisputed champion of Street Fighter cosplays has to go to this small child in that most adorable Chun Li cosplay to ever have cosplayed. Somebody deserves a parent of the year award for this pic that has been floating around the internet for quite a while.

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