Stardust and Stephen Amell clash at Dallas Comic Con


In case you’ve missed it, the rivalry between Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Stardust did not end when they faced-off at Summerslam last year. Since then, the two have continued to exchange verbal barbs over twitter, and there were reports that many within the WWE were impressed by Amell’s performance. Following the match, there were rumors that there would be a second match and that it would strictly involve just Stephen Amell and Stardust. This would be huge considering that Stephen Amell would be one of the first celebrities to have a full-match one-on-one in the WWE, but as time went on, the feud seemed to die out.

Only recently did it flare up again when Stephen Amell won the Slammy Award for Celebrity Moment of the Year. Since Amell was not on-hand at the show, Stardust accepted the award in his place and has since been holding it hostage. They arranged a meeting where Stardust would hand over the award to Amell at Dallas Comic Con. At the convention, Stardust barged in on Amell’s panel and brought along his wife Eden and the Slammy.

Amell announced at the panel that he would auction off the Slammy to raise money for Elijah Manville. Elijah is an 8-year-old boy who has Stage 4 Cancer and is officially signed to a WWE contract. Despite the onscreen feud, Stephen Amell and Stardust have done a lot of good with their rivalry. During their lead up to Summerslam, Amell and Stardust raised a lot of money for¬†Emily’s House, a hospice for children.

Just before the panel came to an end, Stardust signed his name on the Slammy Award and threw water in his face before storming off. Eden also joined and threw a cup into Amell’s face before also walking off the stage.

There is no telling if the confrontation will result in another match, but it is worth noting that WWE did send cameras to the convention to capture the event. Also, Stardust has not changed the name of his finishing move since their feud began.

You can watch the full confrontation in the video below.

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