Stephen Lang wants to be Cable in Deadpool 2

stephen Lang as Cable

Deadpool is currently crushing the box office and is expected to bring in $130 million in its opening weekend. With the projected success of the film, producers are already outlining plans for the sequel.

Spoiler below if you haven’t seen Deadpool.

Deadpool himself revealed in the end-credits scene of the film that the sequel would likely involve Cable, but they currently don’t know who would be cast in the role.

Since the news broke, some fans have suggested that Avatar and Into the Badlands actor Stephen Lang would be perfect for the role. Lang even retweeted a few of the Twitter posts that fans had tagged him in. Recently, he posted on his Twitter that he had begun training and he wants the role.

Stephen Lang’s name has come up in many decisions between fans. Even our own writer Glen did an article way back in 2013 listing 5 Reason why Clancy Brown would be a perfect fit for Cable. The only downside I could see to Lang is that he is shorter than Ryan Reynolds. Lang is 5’10” and Reynold’s is 6’2″, but that is something that could be fixed with lifted boots or they can build a platform for him to walk on which was the case for Anthony Hopkins in Thor.

Whether or not Lang gets cast is really out of our hands, but it doesn’t hurt to let the studios know what you want. Hell, that’s the main reason how the Deadpool movie got made at all in the first place.

So let us know who you think should play Cable in the comments below.

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