So say we all, there’s a Battlestar Galactica movie in development


Battlestar Galactica has been a solid staple in any sci-fi fans life. There was the original series that aired back in the 1970’s, around the same time that Star Wars was released. In the early 2000’s, there was a resurrection, and it was utterly phenomenal. Personally, it’s one of the best series I’ve watched to date. That one ran from 2004 all the way til 2009. Well now it’s time to ready those Vipers, because it seems the Cylons will be making a return.

It’s been announced that 3 producers have just signed on to the new film adaptation. Universal has brought together some heavy hitters with Dylan Clark (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Scott Stuber (Ted), and Michael De Luca (The Social Network) in conjunction with Bluegrass Films (Ted, Battleship). So far, there’s no writers or really anything else, but at least it’s a starting point. We probably won’t have a film for another 3 years, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it will come to fruition.

I’d love to see Admiral Adama, Starbuck, and a lot of the cast come back. I think I just want to hear Colonel Tigh go off on people one more time…

Source: THR

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