‘Remain Calm’ doesn’t make me feel calm about living in California, but it sure as heck looks good!


Being out here in sunny and cool California (don’t hate, America), it doesn’t take much to see why writers and filmmakers want to use the Golden State as a backdrop to their works. Oddly, however, their end products always seem to be based on how they can destroy our beautiful state (Volcano, San Andreas, The Towering Inferno, Fear the Walking Dead, etc.). Weird, huh?

We love our cinema, especially when it’s based in our own backyard. It doesn’t matter if you’re splitting the state in half with an earthquake, or spreading an epidemic that turns people into zombies, one thing is for certain: we’re going to watch the heck out of it. So we’re excited to hear about talented filmmakers Camille Falciola and Heath Harper teaming up together to bring us an epic tale of survival and insanity in a dog-eat-dog world. And, that’s just what it’s like in Los Angeles before the troubles start.

Remain Calm is an apocalyptic action-drama web series, taking place in L.A., where six highly-charged, emotionally unstable survivors of the worst chemical attack in history seek out answers amidst hails of gunfire, biological warfare and, most of all, personal betrayal. Just another day in the wild’s of California.


Falciola and Harper have already begun to create episodes for series and have started an Indigogo campaign to keep the ball rolling, looking for people to join them in their journey. The series will be looking to complete their first full season, and, with the help of contributors, give fans of the genre something unique that will have them coming back for more. The series, if their goal is met, will be filmed and released by the end of Summer 2016.


I can’t wait to see this project come to fruition. As an avid fan of these kinds of films and shows, especially when they’re filmed here in California, there’s a sense of pride in seeing your own state on screen, whether it’s in the middle of a tidal wave or amidst a horde of zombies.

What do you think of the series? What are some of your favorite shows/films that take place in your home state? Let us know in the comments below!

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