First look at Jonah Hex and Connor Hawke in last night’s Flash episode?



“Welcome to Earth-2” was a huge episode fo Flash and the rest of the Berlanti Universe. In the episode, Barry, Cisco and Harrison Wells use the Speed Canon to travel to Earth-2. During the trip, we see a few images much like when Barry used the speed force to travel back in time last season. We see Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, John Wesley-Shipp’s 90’s Flash, Connor Hawke, Jonah Hex and the Legion of Superheroes ring.

Of course, we know Flash will appear on Supergirl this month and Gorilla Grodd has also been rumored to return. Jonah Hex has already been confirmed for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well as Connor Hawke. The inclusion of 90’s Flash and Legion of Superheros is really interesting though. Many fans have been wondering if there would ever be a crossover between the old show and the new one, considering John Wesley-Shipp plays Barry’s dad. Not to mention even Mark Hamill having reprise his role as The Trickster. The Legion of Superheroes could be a hint that a major team up may be in the works down the road.


Another big spot in the episode was Barry’s telephone that revealed not only is his mother and Eddie Thawne are alive, but Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan and Diana Prince are in the fold as well. This is not the first time some of the Justice League members have been referenced in the Berlanti Universe, but whether or not they actually make an appearance remains to be seen. Especially since reports indicate some characters are being held back because of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Feel free to check out our review of last nights episode in the video below.

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