Was Destiny a $60 experiment?


Destiny has been out for a mere 2 years and has seen 2 expansions. Rumors have been spreading around the web that Bungie is working on the next installment of the game, but in previous statements with the press, Bungie has stated that Destiny will have a lifespan of 10 years. So this begs the question. Was Destiny just one big experiment?

To begin, I have only played Destiny in the smallest amount of time, and by no means will I say it is a bad game. I don’t have the playtime to give it that solid of a title of “bad game,” but from all the reports from around the internet and Bungie themselves, things seem just a little off.

After the game’s initial release, it was met with pretty decent review scores, but no one seemed to review it as the next best shooter, which was expected from a game by Bungie. From the lack of an official chat to the mediocre reviews of the story, it seemed like the people that gave us Halo wanted to go so far away from their greatness. The rave praises I was waiting for from the masses didn’t show in abundance. It was all sort of quiet on the Destiny front, until the first DLC arrived, The Dark Below. It gave new content as DLC does, but it still didn’t move the masses like hype, well hyped.

A few patches and another expansion later, Bungie released The Taken King, which brought about the praise that players have been waiting… for a while. The Taken King brought new enemies, weapons, and game tweaks that improved the quality of the game. So what was all the previous gameplay I ask? If felt most that the gameplay before Taken King wasn’t up to par for a “Great Game.” Was all of it just a test to see what works and what doesn’t? If so, why charge full price?

If Bungie knew that the first year of a game wasn’t going to be up to the standard that it is known for with its other franchise, why use the consumers as an experiment? I can see if the game came out at a $30 price tag, then you can justify the faults that the game had. When a consumer pays full price ($60), then they should expect a full game experience, not wait until an expansion fixes things. Plus with Destiny 2 supposedly in the works, can we really believe that Bungie will support Destiny 1 if Destiny 2 will be a superior game?

Only time will tell if Bungie will do right by their fans, but I hope that if they do decide to use us as a guinea pig, at least charge us way less.

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