The super simple guide to planet watching in February

For the entire month of February, we’re able to see five planets align in our sky! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter can literally be seen from your balcony, patio, etc. So behold, I’ve created the world’s easiest guide in planning how you can prepare to see this beautiful occurrence.

First things first, you must research more about the subject and where you will be able to see. North, East, West, or South? Find out the actual coordinates for your area, what time you can see them, and which ones will be visible first. EarthSky updates every day to let you know information on what you can see on that specific night. They also have their own guide and more information regarding where you can see them in your area, here.

Next on the list is to make sure wherever you’re going to look, the sky is visible to you, the sky is clear that night, and you have little light pollution. If you live in a busy city, you’ll still be able to see them so don’t worry! However, it’s always best to look at the night sky when it’s pitch black around you. Perhaps you can even plan to drive up to the mountains or countryside area with a group of friends one night to look at it, if you are having a hard time pointing them out in your bright sky! I mean, why not make it a fun excuse to make a special trip – right?

The last step before our option is to prepare to either get up early or pull an all nighter to see the planets! 80 minutes before sunrise is the best time to see them. If the sun has begun to rise, you’re too late! The sun usually rises at about 6:45am, meaning you’ll have to get up and be outside at around 5:25 am. How fun! I assume most will be up for work, or even class. If that’s the case, I encourage you to take a little time out of your morning routine to get a glimpse of this! Don’t worry, it’s worth it because Mercury will be best seen in the early, early morning.

Planets aligned //

Even better, like I mentioned before, why not take the opportunity to use this as an excuse to have a party or go on a road trip? Throw a planet viewing party, invite some friends over, have snacks, stay up all night, and view the planets aligned in the morning. That’s what I would do!

Our optional step, which you can do if you would like or just for the heck of it, is all about taking this occurrence to the next level. If you own a telescope, or have been waiting to to get one, this is the perfect time to take it out and get an even better look at the galaxy. Luckily, we’re able to see this happen with just our naked eye. But to see it up close, and from a different perspective, makes everything so much cooler!

You can also look for places our groups that have telescopes and opportunities to go to their locations and use their equipment to view this. I’ve heard about some groups setting up a place where they allow others to have access to their telescopes and various other viewing tools. So if you don’t own some stuff yourself, this a great way to connect and see the planets!

Wasn’t that the easiest guide ever? For you morning people, don’t worry. Even though we haven’t seen something like this since 2004, this rare occasion will be coming back in August of this year, during the second week.

I really do encourage everyone to get a look at this! It’s like looking directly into the universe with just your naked eye, and how many chances do we get to experience something like that?

This is happening the entire month of February – so get on it!

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