Star Wars gets an EDM-inspired album from legendary producer Rick Rubin


Aside from the amazing orchestral pieces from John Williams, Star Wars music is all pretty much the same in a sense that it’s all symphony-based. Just recently, we stumbled upon a band that did a metal cover for the main theme, and even has a Star Wars infused album coming out. So slowly, but surely it’s branching out into different genres.

Just announced today is an album being created by legendary producer Rick Rubin. The only reason you wouldn’t recognize that name, is because you’re way too young. This is the same guy who’s worked with some of the most influential artists ever through the past 30 years including – Eminem, Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, Adele, Lady Gaga, AC/DC, and too many more to list.

The compilation album entitled Star Wars Headspace, is both inspired by and sourced from Star Wars. Rubin also brought along a few friends to join in the mix. Actually, it’s more than a few friends, as it’s a lot of heavy hitters in EDM. From progressive house juggernaut Kaskade to trap master Baauer, they’ve pulled out all the stops. Most of the artists are already fans as it is, so that makes it even better. Check out the entire track and artist list below:

1. Kaskade – “C-3P0’s Plight”

2. GTA – “Help Me!”

3. TroyBoi – “Force”

4. Baauer – “Cantina Boys”

5. Shag Kava – “Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work” [ft. A-Trak]

6. Claude VonStroke – “R2 Knows” [ft. Barry Drift]

7. Rick Rubin – “NR-G7”

8. Bonobo – “Ghomrassen”

9. Röyksopp – “Bounty Hunters”

10. ATTLAS – “Sunset Over Manaan”

11. Flying Lotus – “R2 Where R U?”

12. Shlohmo – “Druid Caravan of Smoke”

13. Rustie – “EWOK PUMPP”

14. Galantis – “Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder”

15. Breakbot – “Star Tripper”

Being both a huge Star Wars fan and an EDM fan, I cannot wait for this. The album will be released digitally on February 19th, while physical copies will be released on March 18th. You can listen to 3 of the tracks from the album below.

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