Overwatch Beta returns February 9


If you haven’t been keeping up with Blizzards more recent news, then I’m happy to say that Overwatch will be back on closed beta on February 9th. We’ve had a ton of amazing matches with Overwatch during its last closed beta which ended in early December. With release looming just around the corner, this beta will perhaps be the last until this game’s launch. Blizzard has also made some improvements to the current game state including:

  • An all-new progression system 
  • Two new maps, including a new game mode
  • Several hero balance updates
  • And a variety of Private Game updates, including full A.I. matches

Closed Beta testers will have a chance to check out all of these changes and more as soon as the game returns to active duty next week. Stay tuned for additional details about what’s new in the Overwatch beta, as well as official patch notes.

As a reminder: If you had access to the Closed Beta before the break, you will continue to have access during this next phase of testing. With so much new content available, we’re also looking to recruit more players to help us get an even wider range of perspectives and feedback—so if you’re interested in participating, make sure to opt in!

Keep those hopes high, nerds, we hope you’ll get to experience one of the most entertaining team shooters this year before release. As for the changes made from the last beta, a need for a few nerfs comes to mind as well as a re-balance of the objective game mode where defense has had a tremendously higher win rate with newer players.


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