Have we discovered gravitational waves?

Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time. They’re able to tell us why black holes, as well as other things like neutron stars and various other massive objects, warp time around themselves. When two of these objects crash into each other, it sends off ripples at the speed of light. Back in 1916, Einstein predicated that these might exist, but as of today, we have no idea if that’s even possible. However, recent rumors have been going around that LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, has finally detected one.

This is huge. Let’s put it into a better context, shall we? Einstein’s theory of general relativity is the foundation of gravitation in physics. Since 1916, scientists have been trying to fit together the pieces of the puzzle and find out more. The sighting of a gravitational wave would ultimately topping off a theory that has yet to be proven, and that’s incredible. Can you believe we’re one step closer to that?

Gravitational waves

Both of our LIGO detectors are in two different places at the moment – Washington and Louisiana. With a third one, we could finally figure out where these source of the signal is coming from. Later this year, we’ll be one step closer to that, when the LIGO project in Italy finally comes online.

On February 11th, LIGO will be holding a press conference to discuss whether or not the rumors are true. Have they really discovered a gravitational wave, or is it just a false rumor that they must pertain too? I’m ecstatic to find out on Thursday.

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