So long special ammo in Destiny’s 2.1.1 weekly update

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Some big and small changes are on their way to Destiny next week, starting with the update on February 9th. There are going to be changes in regards to playlists, matchmaking, weapon use, and even connections. I’ve summarized the basics below but make sure to read the full post on their site so that you can have the best advantage against your fellow Guardians when the update goes live next week.

The biggest changes involve certain playlists changing players starting ammo. After the update, all 3v3 playlists including Skirmish, Salvage, Elimination and all other rotating 3v3 game modes will have players only spawn with primary ammo. This is to delay players from either being sniped or sniping other players at the beginning of matches before teams can open a voice channel, set up a strategy and get into position before you know what hits the fan. There is also going to be new sporadic playlists for both 6v6 and 3v3 called freelance that do not allow fireteams in an attempt to balance out matchmaking and prevent a full group of 6 friends from being placed against 6 random players.

Bungie is also adding a new feature codenamed Damage Referee that changes how Destiny handles things that may go wrong when playing online. What this means is that when your connection is great, the game will feel like your best games in regards to connection. When your connection is less than stellar, you can expect to lose more firefights as well as fail to escape near-death situations more often. Bungie knows that bad connection on certain players sides is an impossible problem to solve; however, this is their attempt to at least improve the situation as a whole and they hope this will also give players more reasons to fix their connection.

This is just a basic rundown of the notes and you can read the full update details here.

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