Collector’s Edition of Doom comes with the Doom Skeletal Revenant!

If you’ve been gaming as long as I have, you should probably know of the game called Doom. This was one of the very first games that pioneered the FPS genre for PCs and consoles alike. If you play Call of Duty or Black Ops, you better thank Jon Romero and the team at ID Software for helping to pave the way for all these games (shout out to Wolfenstein!).

It’s already 2016 and it’s now a new era for Doom to peek its demonic little head into the gaming community again. ID Software has re-polished the game for the masses and it looks absolutely awesome. If you’ve been a long-time fan or if you’re interested in this incredible remake, then I would suggest you order the Collector’s Edition which comes with the Doom Revenant. He’s basically a skeleton that shoots missiles at you from his shoulders. Don’t ask me how a demonic monster from hell has missile launchers on his shoulders. Just buy the damned game like the rest of us. WOOO!


Check out the game trailer below!

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