Some science-y (and not so science-y) themed Valentine’s gifts

NR Valentine Zilla

That’s right. It’s finally February and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day is coming up! Woo – hoo! About half of you are either internally throwing up, or panicking because you haven’t gotten that special someone a gift yet. Well, allow yours truly to help!

I’ve selected a few things that I think would be cool to receive on Valentine’s Day! However, as a science nerd, I’ve themed this around science-y items to make it even better. Because who doesn’t love being a huge science nerd?! I’ve included a few things in my list that aren’t 100% related to STEM, but they’re about a 50/50. Regardless, they’re nerdy and wanted by all science geeks. Trust me. Anyways, if you’re S/O is like me, or you kind of just want to go outside of the box with your gift this year, then these are for you.

I tried to go with a not so expensive but cool gift to start off with. That being said, check out this really cute, amazing Bulbasaur plant holder!

Bulbasaur Plant

Although it’s not entirely science related, it does have some aspects. For example, the plant part of it! You can literally give your date the gift of life – and not in a way that will change your life forever. It’s super adorable, and only $12. Not only that, it has so many different colors to choose from it’s insane. It’s a perfect, small gift that I would totally recommend giving someone! Perhaps someone you just met, or you need a few little things to put together in one basket. Make sure you put Bulbasaur in there.

Getting into the more expensive side, jewelry is always a way to win over a girl’s heart. But what if that item of jewelry had to do with space? Whaaaat?! That’s right! A meteorite ring.

Meteorite Ring

Apparently, these pieces of space debris fell from the sky somewhere in Argentina, and the seller picked them up and made rings out of them! I’m sure you’ve all heard of space jewelry before, like rocks and space particles being made into fashionable accessories. If you have, then you know that these little doo-dads are such a special gift that gives you a new perspective on things. Not to mention – they’re really special!

Moving on, I myself have always wanted beaker-themed kitchen items! From salt and pepper shakers to spice containers, they’re so cute! Better yet, if your other half loves coffee (and who doesn’t?), they would adore this beaker coffee cup!

Beaker Mug!

I love the idea of being able to drink out of the things we use in the lab – with the exception of them being thinner glass and all that other technical stuff. But while we’re talking about coffee cups, let’s expand on the topic!

If you’re feeling extra romantic, check out this not-so-science mug.

Yes, yes. We’ve all seen it before! But why not get it if you haven’t yet? It’s the perfect gift for all things nerdy, and it’s just a cool concept all around.

Pixel Heart Mug

Annnnnd, if you’re into the more handmade work, then this mug is the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. On top of that, you’re supporting small businesses while making your date fall more in love with you.

science cup!

If the mug isn’t enough for you, spice it up and theme your gift around the concept! Throw in this really adorable picture with the cup and boom. She should be swooning by now. (At least I would be.) Needless to say, coffee is always a good idea when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Caffeine Picture!

If you’re significant other happens to be an insane bookworm as well as a science geek, allow me to share this book with you.

A Conception of the Universe or Exploring the Universe from Within by Jeffrey C. Vogt is a really good book that dives into all aspects of space. Science nerds always like to read concepts and theories on the implication that boundaries in the universe can be manipulated and pushed. Vogt does a fantastic job on doing so. He takes things like gravity, and helps you to realize them in a different perspective. What if this type of force pushes rather than pulls? It makes you think! But if won’t make your date think twice about how much they love you. If you want my honest advice, something like this as well as tying it in with a mug and some flowers is the ultimate way to show you care and want to make someone happy! So if you’re genuinely interested in doing just that, take my advice! I promise it’ll work.

Exploring the Universe from Within //

Going back to the bit-more pricey items,  these spinning planets are really cool!

These guys rotate because they’re mMotor powered from low-light solar cells from the magnetic field of Earth. How cool is that? They’re absolutely beautiful, and really mesmerizing to just watch for a few hours. Just pick your lovers favorite planet or moon, and I’m sure they’ll be in awe every time they look at it. Especially since they’ll be reminded of you!

Moving Planets!

Lastly, this could either be the cutest thing, or the most cliche thing in regards to Valentine’s Day! I’ll leave that up to you.

Buying a star has become something most of us have heard of doing by now. Star Registration picks out a star, allows you to name it, and shows you where in the galaxy it’s located. You have three options to choose from: standard package – which is just a basic, visible star somewhere in the universe. Constellation – the package where the star you name is located in a constellation you can see, and Binary – meaning you get two stars that orbit around each other. These ones are the best when you are trying to be romantic or make something like this special!

Take he/she out at night, bring a telescope, and explain what your gift is! Chances are, if they’re a space geek, this is the ultimate gift for them and they’ll love it!

Name A Star // Packages

Now that you’ve had a little taste of what I think are some good Valentine’s Gifts, it’s your turn to choose what you’re going to go for. All of these are very cute assets to the present process, but I’ll let you do the hard work of having to set up your date! And don’t worry. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending it with someone else. If you don’t have a date, oh well! It’s important to love yourself too. So why not binge a bit and buy yourself some of these amazing science gadgets? Don’t forget, self-love is jut important! (So is cool space stuff.)

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