Black Sails ‘XX’ recap and review


Freedom lies in the wake of a raging hurricane. Rather than taking the pardons, Captain Flint and his crew would head straight towards death than to turn away when they are at their most feared. Max has worries on Nassau’s future, especially with a fort full of gold that can be easily taken, despite Rackham’s efforts and deceitful plan of using slaves to rebuild the fort. Black Sails episode “XX” throws us in a wild ride as the crew brave the wrath of a storm. Along the way we also see another storm heading towards Nassau, one that no one may be able to handle.

With Horningold still on their tale, Captain Flint and crew move on towards the hurricane. Flint knows that Hornigold wouldn’t risk entering the storm and with the right timing can weather the storm once they know Hornigold turns away. Silver shows his concern knowing the pardons were safer, seeing as that they could’ve returned to piracy right afterward. Silver also blames himself for not bringing up the conversation of the pardons when the offer was available, being controlled by Flint as well when persuaded the crew to follow suit. Riding the storm proved deadly with many men being lost; at one point the ship tilted so far to its side that the top sails were underwater. Silver and fellow mate Muldoon end up trapped below with water rising, eventually drowning Muldoon who was pinned down by a cannon. After gaining control of the ship while losing one of the top sails in the process, Flint knows they must head deeper into the storm since Hornigold would be patrolling around the storm with the winds blowing them back to Hornigold.


Eleanor meets with Woodes Rogers while on his main ship at sea. Rogers shows his command of ships as well as the army he controls. Also, a warning to Eleanor, he shows her a ship that will head back to England should she prove no longer useful to him. She rebuffs his warning knowing she will never be forced to leave given to how little Rogers knows Nassau. Max and Rackham meet and discuss the potential futures they can set themselves should the need arise when England or Spain arrive. Rackham doesn’t like the idea of swapping the gold for goods but later gives in seeing it easier to conceal or move when an invasion arrives. Edward Teach reveals himself to Vane. Though Vane is defensive at first, he sees that Teach has arrived as an ally even though he was forced off the island with Vane’s eventual help. With the news making his way of Eleanor’s arrest and Richard Guthrie’s death, Teach returns to Nassau’s calling. With his arrival, Teach spots the Man-o-War in their possession and learns of the alliance of captains between Flint and Vane. He wishes to meet the third, being Rackham to his disbelief. Rackham reveals his intentions of keeping Nassau free with Teach questioning his true motives. They are interrupted by the two wanting to join Teach, and he implies true pirates join a crew by fighting to the death. While releasing his displeasure of Nassau’s current state, one comes back and leaves with Teach. Afterward, Rackham meets again with Max and Anne Bonny and agrees to exchange the gold with equal valued goods but in secret.

Alone with Rogers, Eleanor reveals how she gained control of Nassau. Details that show the ambition of a young girl and how she clinched her grip around each captain on the island proved easier than it assumed to be. Her father Richard Guthrie had the funds and connections to smuggle goods for the pirates, but Eleanor gained control by ridding the island of the most feared pirate on the island, being Edward Teach. She partnered with Hornigold and others allied with Teach, and gained the trust of his protege Vane to turn on Teach. In disbelief, Rogers questions her and Eleanor reveals she was sleeping with him. Ready to send Eleanor back to England, claiming he was ready to bring a universal pardon with an exception to Vane, and finds it nothing but a feud against a former lover. Eleanor reveals how dangerous Vane is and how Flint and Rackham can be reasoned with. She lost her father when she underestimated Vane and Charles Town burned when Peter Ashe underestimated him as well. And by partnering together, they both can see a Nassau free of piracy with Rogers’ legacy behind it and Eleanor ridding her father’s home of Nassau’s demons.


Horningold arrives to Rogers and claims his engagement to Flint and driving him towards a storm. After patrolling the seas after the harsh weather, he displays debris found indicating Flint’s demise, his pirate flag. Flint awakens to a ship sitting motionless. The storm threw the ship in uncharted waters with no way of getting back to land soon. Billy and Silver figure they have about a weeks food left with 3 weeks worth of travel at their current speed. With no wind, they fear they won’t survive the trip. And now Rogers is one step closer to reclaiming Nassau. Believing that Flint is out of the picture, he can set his eyes solely on Vane, keeping with his exception. Hornigold has proven himself a good ally and can only help Rogers further by keeping Eleanor in check, and vice versa. The pirates, on the other hand, have concerns of their own, understanding that an invasion by England or Spain is inevitable and must make preparations to keep the gold should that happen. But with Teach on their side, he alone can be the tide turner in the upcoming war for Nassau. It’s only a matter of time until Teach’s presence is felt across everyone, including Woodes Rogers.

The pieces to this dangerous game of chess are lining up to something big with multiple sides aligning together. Season 3 of Black Sails is starting to show us the real meaning of piracy, not with plunders but with a battle for freedom.

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