WGN’s Outsiders series premiere ‘Farrell Wine’ recap & review

Recap We get a view of the city and see a man with a gun attempting to shoot himself in the head until he sees a pack of wolves staring

Disney plans on making more and more Marvel and Star Wars films

It’s no surprise that Disney has plans to milk the hell out of the Marvel and Star Wars properties. It’s not a bad thing since they’re giving fans what they

Matt Murdock’s Drink Without Fear will make a blind man see

Matt Murdock, The Daredevil, might have been blinded at a young age but that never stopped him. Instead his remaining four senses became super heightened/strengthened. But the question still remains.

5 Doctor Who ideas based on real science

Big news as last week it was announced that Steven Moffat, writer and producer of Doctor Who for several seasons now, will be stepping down to be replaced by Chris

VGB Live #34: Mc Choco Fries

The guys are back and this week they are joined by a special guest. LaReesa was dying of the plague, so Aaron, Cory and Webb are joined by none other

The Steelseries Rival 700: CES 2016’s top gaming mouse

Our best mouse of 2014 returns this year to CES with quite the facelift. Steelseries had massive success with the original Rival and sees quite the future for its newest iteration

Far Cry Primal interview: Unleashing the beast (video)

Last week, Ubisoft invited us to its offices in San Francisco to play the first three hours of its upcoming game, Far Cry Primal , set to come out on February 23rd

Things we loved in our first 5 hours of Far Cry Primal

The next Far Cry game is almost upon us, but this one comes with a twist. Where most shooter franchises are going forward in time, Ubisoft has decided to do

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is happening this weekend

From time to time, Konami likes to hold special events at Official Tournament Stores (OTS) to show their appreciation to their players. Well the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Day of 2016 will

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 comic getting second print featuring Rita

Two weeks ago we saw the issue #0 release of the brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book from Boom Studio! The comic book featured seven different covers by Goni Montes,

PlatinumGames’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan trailer released

After the success of Transformers: Devastation, PlatinumGames is ready to take on its next nostalgic title with the ever popular mean green fighting machines known as the Teenage Mutant Ninja

The best four ways to learn STEM quickly

Physics and science, in general, are a thing I personally think we should all have some knowledge of. Unfortunately, loads of people seem to think it’s way too hard for

10 more titles added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list

Another month has come and Microsoft and other studios have added even more backwards compatible games for Xbox One console owners to download and play to their heart’s content. While

Kingsman sequel begins production

Well, we already knew that Kingsman: The Secret Service has been greenlit for a sequel. It’s a surprising success at the box office, taking in over $400 million. But leading

Mandalorian ballistic armor will make you feel like Boba Fett

Almost anyone who is a fan of Star Wars would love to have their own personal set of Mandalorian armor. It’s one of the coolest armor sets ever, and of

Amsterdam opens first ever gamer hotel

Being a gamer, it’s hard when you’re travelling and trying to keep up with all the new titles that are constantly releasing. By the time you get to play your

Lord of the Rings trailer gets the Suicide Squad treatment

By now, most comic book fans are buzzing about the upcoming year in film for comic book movies. With films like Deadpool, Civil War and Batman v Superman, there’s a

Samsung employee leaks details of the Galaxy S7

The predicted date of the big reveal of Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, is fast approaching. We have seen loads of rumors crop up for the past few

Netflix streaming removals and additions for February 2016

Every month contracts that Netflix has with certain movie studios and television networks end and programming is removed from its streaming service as a result. The silver lining is that

Darkseid teased in new Batman v Superman image?

Lots of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news is going on this week. We have an illustrated Batman v Superman cover by artist Jim Lee for the March issue of Empire.