Two galaxies are slowly merging together

What’s cooler than two galaxies merging together? That’s right, nothing. In recent events, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope caught this picture of two galaxies coming together to become one. Have

Oculus Rift pre-orders open January 6

FINALLY! That’s what I’m assuming what every person on the planet who’s been waiting for this all said when reading the announcement: “Today, we’re excited to announce that pre-orders for

New Batman v Superman toys are here

It’s a new year and it’s going to be a great year for superhero films. The first one of which I am extremely excited for is the new Batman v

Review: PDP Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One

In this current day and age of technology, customization is king. PDP knows this and has for quite some time, as their Afterglow line has been around since Xbox 360

Joss Whedon confirms he’s done with Marvel Cinematic Universe

There’s no denying Joss Whedon’s influence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only did he direct the two Avengers films, but he also helped create Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and

Science Channel launches Science Presents DNews

With the popularity of its digital series DNews, Discovery-owned Science Channel has launched a new endeavor: Science Presents DNews. The minute long programming will air nightly at 9pm and will

Michael Bay reveals the big baddie in TMNT 2 we’ve been wanting to see!

Now, I’m going to be frank on this: I wasn’t a huge fan of Bay-hem’s take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From every angle of every scene, you could practically see how

Better Call Saul Releases new second season teaser trailer

We are a little over a month away from the second season premiere of AMC’s fantastic Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, so AMC has decided to release a new 30-second trailer as

The Little Prince trailer gives us a beautiful adaption of the beloved story

The Little Prince could be the best animation this year! One of the most beloved stories in literature, The Little Prince is now a fully animated film. The trailer features

PSA on vertical cell phone videos uses Star Wars brilliantly

Being on the internet can be hard. Just like horrible clothing trends, the internet is regularly plagued with annoyances like ugly and over-used fonts, web-traffic tickers, and Bitstrips. One trend

First look at Japan’s Godzilla

The Japanese Shin Godzilla, or Godzilla Resurgence (outside Japan), is due out later this year. Over the weekend, a picture of the new Godzilla that Japan is producing was tweeted out

Giveaway – Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit hardcover book

Nerd Reactor has teamed up with Disney Family Foundation Press to give 10 lucky readers a chance at winning Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit, a hardcover book about

Week long Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Marathon 2016 is live!

It’s that time of year again where speedrunners across the world gather all for a good cause, showing off their gaming skills while raising money for charity. Awesome Games Done Quick

Limited edition Star Fox statue coming to GameStop for $79.99

We’ve seen GameStop take a bigger step in the collectibles marketplace, adding items like Funko POP Vinyl figures, Nendroids, Play Arts Kai, and even smaller keychains and goods over the

Activision Blizzard purchases large portion of Major League Gaming for $46 million *updated*

While Major League Gaming (MLG) has been a huge part of the North American eSports scene since its formation in 2002, it seems all things may come to an end in the

What we really want to see at CES 2016

With that cold week in Las Vegas (Nevada) soon approaching, we’re reminded of the amazing technology we’ve encountered over the years at the world’s most prominent convention for nerds who

Andy Serkis rejects Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis theory

We have three new Star Wars: The Force Awakens photos released via EW, and it shows off Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) and Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o). In addition to

20 highlights from 66th Kohaku Uta Gassen

From anime to Disney, to Star Wars and Vocaloid, this year was a definitely a year of surprises… not only for viewers but also the performers, as proven in one medley. 1.

Smite Down Japanese gods revealed?

Now nothing has been released officially but the guys at Smite Data mining may have uncovered the names of the first Japanese deities to be released, Raijin and Amaterasu. Raijin is

Kevin Feige drops Black Panther details

2016 is the year of Captain America: Civil War which means audiences will get to see more than just the Avengers domestic tension. We’ll also get our first glimpse of