PlayStation 4 is selling twice as much as Xbox One


Microsoft has stated that it won’t be releasing any more updates on Xbox One sales, and that has led many to think that sales haven’t been noteworthy. Perhaps the sales for the PlayStation 4 is so huge that it has caused Microsoft to stay quiet about its numbers. How big is the difference? If we were to believe a new report by publisher EA, then it’s really, really big.

Electronics Arts has revealed its own estimates on console sales Thursday, and if it’s correct, that means the PlayStation 4 sales has given the Xbox One a good beating.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen replied to an analyst that it has estimated that 55 million current generation consoles have been sold for the year 2015. Sony has announced earlier this month that it has sold almost 36 million PS4 units worldwide. That would mean that the Xbox One has sold 19 million units, giving Sony a 2 to 1 lead.

What about the Nintendo Wii U? Since EA doesn’t make games for that console, it probably doesn’t have information on it. Nintendo (PDF link) has announced before that the console has sold over 10 million units.

Even though Microsoft doesn’t look too good here, it doesn’t mean that console sales as a whole is bad.

“The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year ’15,” said Jorgensen. “Our estimate is 55 million units out there which has exceeded virtually everyone’s forecast for the year and is now almost 50% higher than the previous console cycle, so, all of that is very, very positive.”

Via Fortune

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