Green Arrow to appear in Legends of Tomorrow with full goatee and missing arm

Arrow Legends of Tomorrow

Hot off its second episode, it has just been announced that Arrow star Stephen Amell will guest star in an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow titled “Star City 2046.” Amell will reprise his role as Oliver Queen, only now he will sport a full goatee and will be missing one arm. This will pique many comic book fans’ interest as it pertains to a storyline in the comics.

In one version of the comics, Superman amputates Green Arrow’s arm after it gets stuck in a Deadman trap. If Oliver removes his arm, the bomb will go off and will release a deadly mutagen. Oliver tells Superman to destroy the bomb along with himself, but Superman presents another option. Queen says he’d rather die than lose his arm, but Superman proclaims that is not an option.

Then there’s Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. It is believed that one of the reasons that Oliver decided to help Batman fight Superman is because he took his arm. It’s not in the way that was explained before, but when Superman disbanded the Justice League, everyone was told to cease all superhero activities. Everyone complied except for Oliver Queen. It is believed that Superman took Oliver’s arm and imprisoned him to stop him from being a vigilante. At this time, it is uncertain if this will play into the episode’s story. Connor Hawke is said to also appear in the episode. Hawke is Oliver Queen’s son in the comics. Many fans theorized that Oliver’s son with Samantha Clayton was Conner, but that turned out to not be the case. According to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, Connor will be the show’s own version of the character.

Stephen Amell briefly talked about his appearance on the show at Heroes and Villians Fest in New Jersey. Amell said that the tone of the episode is something completely different from what fans have seen on Arrow or Flash.

At this time, there is no set air date for the episode. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.


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