Things we loved in our first 5 hours of Far Cry Primal


The next Far Cry game is almost upon us, but this one comes with a twist. Where most shooter franchises are going forward in time, Ubisoft has decided to do the opposite and plunge us into the past to the year 10000 BCE. The Nerd Reactor team got a chance to get some hands-on with the new title last week, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the newest entry into the Far Cry franchise. You play as Takkar, a member of the Wenja tribe in the land of Oros. You must learn to craft, fight, and outsmart every other man and animal in the world so that you may become the apex predator.

Hunt, Train, or Ride just About any Beast You Encounter

During our time with the demo, we hunted, killed or tamed many beasts from that time period. While the taming mechanic was as simple like throwing bait and sneaking up on the beast you desire, when it came to our encounters with some of the more intimidating beasts, it has caused me to never look at rhinos the same way ever again. However, we were able to tame many beasts including wolves, bears, mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers. We were able to mount and ride the latter three of the group into combat to unleash all its fury upon our enemies. Also, be careful when exploring at night. During this time period, man was towards the bottom of the food chain, and many packs of animals were more accustomed to hunting at night. They will be on the prowl, looking to assert themselves as the apex predator.


Great Crafting System and Upgrade System

Starting out, we were given a few spears and pieces of meat to survive our first hunt, a baby mammoth. It took a few minutes of poking it with our multiple pointy sticks, many of which I lodged into its face. However, before we could carve into our prey, we were knocked off a cliff by another predator. When we regained consciousness, we were tasked with gathering enough materials to craft our first weapon, a bow. In the few hours, we had discovered that gathering crafting materials will be an essential part of your repertoire of skills due to the need to collect wood to craft more arrows and other weapons. By far this Far Cry game is more dependent on resources than any of the other previous games and manages to do so without being tedious, thanks to a few improved mechanics. Also as you kill and conquer your way to becoming the apex predator, you will gain experience which eventually translate into skill points to improve your abilities via multiple skill tress. These will include bonuses like looting more materials per collection point, crafting more items per recipe, and my favorite, the ability to tame the bigger and more ferocious beasts of the world.


Fast and Fluid Combat that is both Challenging and Rewarding

Now you would think that with the game being set so far in the past and the lack of guns would make the gameplay much slower, well it is actually quite the opposite in most situations. Since there are very few ranged options, this forces all of your enemies, whether they be man or beast, to charge at you. Combat is very quick and rewards you for skillful attacks like headshots when using both ranged and melee weapons. Combat is brutal and bloody and each kill feels rewarding, whether you are clubbing people over the back of the head, spearing them in the face or sniping them from afar with your trusty bow. You will also have your owl which can periodically dive bomb, drop bombs from the sky, or just scout ahead to help you prepare for what enemies lie ahead. You also have the ability to travel and command a tamed animal of your choice that will target your enemies automatically or take them out. Be aware though that your animal that travels with you is not invincible and will require a minor level of attention to prevent them from going to that primal farm out in the countryside.


Authenticity and Attention to Detail Towards the Subject Matter

Ubisoft is never a slouch when it comes to remaining true to the subject material. Extensive amounts of research was done when recreating the animals, characters, weapons, and every single part of the Far Cry Primal world. In the opening, we hear the language being spoken, and it is one of the ancient tribes that once walked the earth many moons before us. This original language was taken and adapted to fit the story. Every single detail from the drawings on the cave walls, weapons you wield, beast behavior, game mechanics and even how the multiple tribes interact with one another are done so well that it may as well have been taken straight out of a history book.  The way the world changes as you travel around and the details of the scenery from biome to biome are amazing. During our travels we encountered grasslands, forests, snowy mountains and even swamps, each with their own dangers courtesy of mother nature herself.


Far Cry Primal definitely fits the formula all while breaking the mold that we have known and loved in the previous few entries. It has great combat, a huge living world, intriguing narrative (so far), tons of weapons, interesting characters and even a few hallucinogenic sequences that we have grown to love in the past few games. Also, there was a lot of content we experienced that we won’t speak exactly about because it is better to experience firsthand rather than by the hype train we know by the name of the Internet. I will say that there are lots of great surprises in store for the gamer that you will just be shocked and awed when you get your hands on it. Our first few hours were very impressive and I personally can’t wait to get more hands-on time with this primal era simulator when it releases next month.

Far Cry Primal will release on PS4 and Xbox One on February 23, 2016, and March 1st for PC.

If you want to see more of the game with actual gameplay footage, then check out our video interview and demo below.

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