Far Cry Primal interview: Unleashing the beast (video)

far cry primal

Last week, Ubisoft invited us to its offices in San Francisco to play the first three hours of its upcoming game, Far Cry Primal , set to come out on February 23rd to PS4 and Xbox One with a PC version on March 1st. If the Far Cry games are known for anything, they’re known for the harsh, wild environments along with lots and lots of guns. This time, however, Primal takes out the guns and sends us back to 10,000 B.C.E, where humans were low on the food chain and had to deal with larger and more dangerous beasts.

Nerd Reactor’s Jada Griffin got to interview one of the team members at Ubisoft Montreal to discuss what exactly makes Far Cry Primal a fun and unique entry in the series.

Come back soon as we’ll have more gameplay footage.

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