Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be released this Spring


It has already been eight years since Sega first released World War II-inspired tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles on the PlayStation 3. While the game has seen a few sequels in Japan, it wasn’t until last year we first learned Sega would be releasing a remastered version for the PlayStation 4 running at 1080p with 60fps, include trophy support, and all of the game’s DLC.

While we were left wondering if the game would see a release in the West, Sega officially confirmed today the game would see a release in Spring and be released in both a physical and digital version retailing at $29.99. While in Japan the game came with a demo of the upcoming title Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the North American version will instead come with a collectible Squad 7 Armored Case for pre-orders and launch edition retail copies.

Valiant citizens of Gallia, to arms! Bid farewell to your loved ones, because it is time to defend our peaceful nation from the Empire.Valkyria Chronicles, the critically acclaimed PlayStation®3 tactical RPG, will be remastered and released in the Americas and Europe on a brand new battlefront: The PlayStation®4! Valkyria Chronicles Remastered brings the World War II-inspired story, the beloved characters, and the mythology of the Valkyrur to life in 1080p/60fps HD. The game will have both a physical and digital version, and will sell for $29.99/CA$44.99. And as a special bonus, pre-orders and a limited number of launch edition retail copies will come in the collectible Squad 7 Armored Case.

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