The best four ways to learn STEM quickly

Physics and science, in general, are a thing I personally think we should all have some knowledge of. Unfortunately, loads of people seem to think it’s way too hard for them, or it involves too much math! But guys, I can assure you that it’s one of the most beautiful things ever. Think of it this way – a best friend of mine who also happens to be an astrophysics major once told me that physics is such a breathtaking concept because you are taking the natural world and forming/molding it into different perspectives and theories. With that being said, I truly believe that we should all have a little bit of intelligence regarding the subject. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you’re doing and enroll your life into 10 years of mastering the universe! Just think of me as your personal science geek that wants to let you know some secrets about understanding the world above us without having to take too much time out of your day.

Science is Cool!

Over the course of my schooling and extensive research, I like to go the extra mile and learn about concepts and physics via the Internet, workshops, videos, shows, forums, and more. These have always helped me better understand my ultimate goal. Now, there will always be outlets like this for every subject. So, here are some courses and programs I encourage you to take some time in your life. Who knows! You might change your mind about what you want to do for the rest of your life.

4. TheNewBoston

When I first came to the conclusion that I had to live my life-long dream of becoming an astrophysicist, I turned to some YouTube videos to help me deepen my understanding of the subject. Since I wasn’t going to school at the time, I wanted a cheap, easy way to learn more about my subject.

Bucky Robertson is the voice behind the screen helping us to learn the beginnings of this wonderful subject. Let me tell you, he does an amazing job at it! If you have some time in your day, I recommend just watching one or two a day and before you know it, you’ll know that much more about manipulating the world around you!

Here is the full playlist!

3. YouTube Physics Girl

Another one regarding the YouTube division is YouTube Physics Girl. Her videos are an extremely helpful way to get more involved in the physics world.

Her style kind of takes you back to the early YouTube days, which I like a lot. She also makes difficult concepts easy and fun to learn. That’s a big thing for a subject so complex, especially when you’re just gaining some extra knowledge for the hell of it. If it’s too boring and hard, then you’re going to get that feeling about the topic as a whole. So the fact that she keeps it so exciting and informative is super vital and rewarding. She’s a channel I highly recommend checking out and taking notes from.

2. Cosmos

Now, this one is pretty obvious. We have all once been obsessed with the show Cosmos. Whether it was Carl Sagan exploring the universe with you or Neil deGrasse Tyson. All of us have seen it or at least heard of it.

Digging deeper than just fancy scenery and amazing colors, the show itself is so helpful when learning more about our universe. If you really don’t want to major in STEM, or you’re just looking up some physics/astronomy terms to gain a little bit of knowledge without commitment, this is one of the best ways to do it. In the end, if you don’t really care for the better understanding of astrophysics, then you got to watch a cool TV show about space stuff. And space stuff rocks.

It’s available on Netflix, or you can buy the episodes on YouTube!

1. Udemy courses

If you’re unsure as to what Udemy is, it’s a website that has loads of cheap courses on various topics you can take and learn about.

Upon looking into the website itself, I saw a bunch of science related courses. Physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and so much more. Obviously the Neil deGrasse Tyson one stuck out to me more than anything, but don’t let that stop you from establishing other courses.

The Inexplicable Universe // Neil deGrasse Tyson

On sale, The Inexplicable Universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson course was a mere $10. I had to get it, and it’s such a fun and simple way to endulge in astrophysics. It’s not too long – it’s only about 6 lectures. Each video being around 30 – 40 minutes, that makes the course itself 3 and a half hours. Now, that’s a bargain if you ask me. Each one of my classes at school is 3 and a half hours long!

For me, this is the best way to learn the fundamentals of space and physics if you don’t want to actually study the topic, are busy but curious, or just simply want a better understanding of this all. This is my number one recommendation when people ask me about the subject.

Click here for the Neil deGrasse Tyson course. Check out some other cool STEM courses as follows! Physics, astronomy, math, biology, chemistry, engineering.

All of these are pretty simple and help you expand your brain a little bit. Although some of them you can find on your own time, or perhaps you have a few recommendations or outlets yourself! I thought I would let all of you know my favorite ways to study about my favorite thing in the world!

Earth // Universe
Let me know if you have any recommendations, because I’m always up for finding more ways to help me learn! If you use any of mine, I’d love to hear your thoughts on whichever one you decided to take.

Remember, learning about STEM is something I think we all need a little of. Whether you want to pursue a career like this, or you have never even thought of it before. Science is what makes the world go round!

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