Street Fighter V’s cinematic story takes place between III and IV

street fighter v story

Capcom has released a new trailer today for Street Fighter V‘s cinematic story expansion. It will be a free update and will be coming in June 2016. This story will take place between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV using in-game graphics and will help bridge the gap between those two events.

You can play the story mode for each of the characters starting February 16. It will be told via a nostalgic art style by Japanese illustrator Bengus. These character stories are prologues for the upcoming cinematic story expansion.

The characters in Street Fighter V look older, like M. Bison’s white hair and Dhalsim’s white beard, so I hope they will clear up any confusion with that.

The first post launch content will be available in March, along with the in-game store. Capcom wants players to have a chance to earn enough Fight Money before the release of the first post-launch content. Fight Money can be earned in the game, but if you want to bypass that, you can use real money (Zenny).

If you still want to get in the beta, you have one more chance. It will be running from January 30-31 as a thank you from Capcom.

Street Fighter V hits store shelves on February 16, 2016.

Via Sony PlayStation Blog

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