NetGear wants to solve your storage problems with ReadyNAS


Be prepared to meet NAS. No, not the American rapper, songwriter and record producer that you may be thinking of. ReadyNAS is here to be the best friend to small businesses, gamers, and anybody else who wants to increase and protect their online storage options and also take control of it themselves.

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. This handy little guy will allow you to store massive amounts of files all in one place while also having the ability to access, modify and share them remotely. The amount of storage is only limited by what’s available on the market. There are multiple models available to fit each user’s needs and preferences. For the majority of normal consumers, the case will generally hold anywhere from 2-4 slots that hold 3.5″ HDDs up to 6 Terabytes of data per slot, and there are even higher capacity options available for those who want to customize their own ReadyNAS.


ReadyNAS features:

  • 5 levels of file protection
  • Automatic backup and sync
  • Remote access to view, open, and share your files including music, movies, photos, and even games.
  • Unlimited snapshots on desktop
  • ReadyCloud: An easy cloud-based setup
  • Real-time antivirus and encryption
  • Continuous data protection
  • Tool-less drive installation
  • Multiple volume support that expands
  • App Support for mobile devices

By far my favorite features on the ReadyNAS include Snapshots, the ability to mount it to your computer and run games off it, and finally the Remote Access with its sharing potential for the device. The remote access potential is paramount to everything else in the device. Once the device is set up and configured properly, any file that you put on the NAS can be accessed from any other computer that you have added to the authorized list. With this, you can stream your videos, music and even games remotely to wherever you are, provided you have a proper internet connection. No more are the times when you are unable to share that crucial file because you forgot to save it to a flash drive, and your favorite playlist is now always available to share with your friends when needed.

Snapshots are also amazing. Depending on your settings, you can configure how often your storage will make a backup of your files; however, snapshot will only take up more space proportionately to the files that have been modified since your prior backup. This also means that you can restore any previous version without taking up all of your precious memory.

Finally, the feature that hits closest to home for me is the ability to mount the ReadyNAS as a drive in your computer and run any games you have stored on it. This is a great way to compartmentalize your computer so that it can operate as efficiently as possible without you needing to limit yourself on what you choose to install on your PC.

Now besides the overview video above, you may be thinking that all sounds really great, but how does it all work? Fortunately, Netgear’s website has useful videos for each and every feature that you can view here. NAS is currently available for purchase and pricing will vary based on the specifications of the device in regards to its model, HDD slots, and various other options that you can select.

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