Mandalorian ballistic armor will make you feel like Boba Fett

ballistic armor 3

Almost anyone who is a fan of Star Wars would love to have their own personal set of Mandalorian armor. It’s one of the coolest armor sets ever, and of course, the legendary Boba Fett sports it as well. Ballistic armor maker AR500 has teamed up with gunmaker Heckler & Koch (HK), TEA Headsets, artist Ryan Flowers, and a few other manufacturers to make this dream come true.

Flowers has been making his own Mandalorian armor for airsoft players, paintballers and pretty much anyone else that would want some for quite some time already, so it was a given they’d use him to design the ballistic armor. With AR500 as part of the project, the armor as well as the helmet offers actual ballistic protection. There’s no word yet on how protective the armor is, but AR500 plates are known to withstand most handgun and rifle rounds.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see when it’ll be released and how much it will be, but this is definitely something I want!

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