Hi-Rez, please bring Smite’s arena to league matches


The good old boys at Hi-Rez have made one of my favorite games in the last few years, Smite. I have played this game so much that it invades my dreams, but one thing that bugs me just a little is the love that is shown to the other modes outside of conquest.


If you have ever played Smite, then you know that there are six game types, with the new addition of clash and a match of the day to keep fans interested. I am an avid arena player, which is a team deathmatch scenario with a minion twist, but I noticed that once I have leveled up my account and play a league match, arena is simply missing. I think, is it not a popular mode of play? After searching through forums all over the web, the consensus seems to be that arena is one of the top modes to play. So why no league modes?

Once upon a time, arena was a part of league but was lost in the legends and lore. Who knows why it was taken away from league matches, but I think it’s time to bring it back. One you hit level 30 on your account in Smite, it seems like a whole new world should open up to you. A new place where you can go to show off how you have honed your skills to reach level 30, but what if you reached level 30 in arena mode exclusively? You may have mastered the champions but now the pro area of play is closed off to the skill set you have acquired. There should be a place for arena masters to go to rank up just like the league player in conquest.


Now as far as I know there is no concrete meta for arena in Smite, which I really enjoy. It keeps the mode creative and fun with the combinations that players choose. The high action makes for a thrilling and competitive feeling and teamwork is a must if you want to win. Adding arena to league would help Hi-Rez tighten up the mode to fix certain flaws it may have, making the mode even better. For instance, in arena one of your objectives is to get your teams minions into the opposing teams portals, shrinking the opposing teams points down to zero. Easy enough, but if it comes down to the wire, a team can just kill minions to win a match. A game shouldn’t be won off of a kill of a minion. I ran into that situation plenty in my matches, and it’s just not good. It feels like you had no control over you match at the end of it all. It’s a feature that needs to go. I feel little things like that would get addressed if arena was a league match.

Now by no means does this mean that I dislike the game a little less because one of my favorite modes has been omitted form league matches, but I would like it a great deal more if it were added. The infrastructure is there to place arena, hell all the other modes in league. Hi-Rez, give it a shot, you just might make this writer and a whole lot of other people’s day.

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