Top 5 can’t miss movies at Sundance Film Festival


The Sundance Film Festival began this past weekend, and as usual, it brings with it a mix of crowd-pleasing commercial fare and indie films that may never see the light of major box office distribution. This year marks my sixth trip to the Festival, and as usual, there are more movies to watch than time permits. So as I embark to Park City, here are the five movies I am most excited to check out.

5. Brahman Naman


A comedy about Bangalore University’s quiz team, that attempts to make a cross-country journey to the quiz bowl championship, while trying to lose their virginity.  So basically, Indian-American Pie. This movie may be terrible, but I can’t resist a potentially hilarious teen sex comedy.

4. Weiner

weiner documentary

I’m generally not a huge fan of documentaries, but how can I resist an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign and the political scandal that rocked it. The film could end up being equal parts an indictment of Weiner’s behavior and a referendum on American’s intense love of scandals.

3. Equity


I have a soft spot for dramas about finance (Wall Street and Boiler Room both grace my top 100 list of movies), so this film about a female investment banker trying to get a promotion at a high-pressure firm on Wall Street appears to hit all of those fun tropes of sleazy bankers, slick salesmen, and high money stakes. And showing it from a female protagonist’s point of view should be quite a different moviegoing experience.

2. Sleight


A film about a street magician who gets caught up with some unsavory drug dealers, and tries to use his expert sleight of hand to get out of trouble and save his kidnapped sister. This is a film where the premise is intriguing enough for me to watch, but I have no idea if the execution is going to work. Still, doesn’t that synopsis sound intriguing?

1. Yoga Hosers


Acclaimed director Kevin Smith’s career essentially started at Sundance when he debuted his now iconic movie, Clerks, here in 1994. And as an avid fan of the director over the past two decades, I couldn’t be more excited to see his latest film about a pair of teenage best friends who uncover an ancient evil buried underneath their convenience store.

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