Black Sails Season 3 premiere recap and review


Warning: Contains spoilers to the season 3 premiere of Black Sails

Off the coast of Bath, Carolina, a ship and crew ready to set sail are interrupted by three men. Demanding to speak to the captain, they warn Captain Drummond to return to his wife. The three turn out to be his wife’s brothers and are insistent on his return. Though the trio drew their swords, Captain Drummon brushed off their demands on the case of him not wanting to be held back from happiness and states he explained everything to her and she wouldn’t protest. Upset at calling their sister a liar, Drummond responds with 3 lies she told: The first being misinformed of retiring from a prosperous trade to settle in Bath, but a trade of high seas piracy. The second being his name Drummond, but while on that trade he was called Teach. And the third being that the three can threaten Teach and live while revealing three holstered pistols across his chest. With three quick shots, Teach kills the brothers and informs his quartermaster to set sail for Nassau. Black Sails returns with the introduction of the most feared pirate in history, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. New threats face the pirates of Nassau and we get the first glimpse of new alliances being formed while new enemies arising.

Much time has passed since the end of Season 2. Jack Rackham, who secured the Urca de Lima gold at the end of Season 2, is now in charge of managing it as well as fortifying the fort that holds it. With supplies needed, Charles Vane is sent with a new ship and Rackham’s quartermaster after a cargo ship carrying lumber. To Vane’s surprise, the ship is only carrying slaves. Vane kills the captain and crew of that ship while bringing the slaves back to Nassau. Vane then confronts Jack as to why he was deceived, which turns into Jack’s desperation to get the fort rebuilt using slaves as labor. Despite having the money to pay for labor, the pirates on Nassau have no urgency to work and have left the fort without protection. Other concerns arise about the gold in its current location. With a defenseless fort, England can come and claim it and Max informs Anne Bonny the gold must be removed from the fort.


Captain Flint remains at sea, continuing to increase the reputation of the notorious Flint and piracy to the point of raiding and burning down towns in a response of having pirates hanged. John Silver brings up the possibility of Flint not returning due to his reputation and should take the risk out by having someone else carry the name of Flint. In open waters, they find an abandoned ship which turns out to be a trap. A former ally arrives as a privateer, hunting Flint and his crew and offering pardons for their surrender. Captain Hornigold, along with Dufrense, offer their freedom while preparing to fire on their ship. With the wise words of Flint, he convinces his crew to sail directly into a storm to flee from Hornigold. Billy Bones informs Silver that something isn’t right since 10 pardons were secured by Captain Hume for the capture of Flint, but now 80 pardons for Hornigold to use. He feels a bigger threat is heading their way.

At Nassau, Vane acknowledges to Jack that his plan to use slaves is working and is making progress. He also shares his fear from being raised as a slave of the unknown. Knowing the danger they are in for having Spain’s gold on England’s island. The unknown of who their adversary is until it’s too late. That adversary would be Woodes Rogers, future Governor of New Providence, and his new ally Eleanor Guthrie. With the chance of freedom, Rogers seeks guidance and information of what he faces when he arrives in Nassau with Eleanor by his side. But Rogers isn’t the only one with Nassau in his sights. Edward Teach’s arrival to Nassau comes with the search of an old friend, Charles Vane.


The premiere sets the stage to what future events will eventually become the battle for Nassau. If you’ve read my recent articles covering the inspirations to characters in Black Sails, we know that Woodes Rogers succeeds in freeing Nassau of piracy along with the Bahamas. Rogers wants New Providence and Flint will not go down without a fight. But is Eleanor ready to betray everything she built along with the crews she stood behind? Is the new alliance between Flint, Vane, and Rackham enough to fortify Nassau and whatever is sent her way? Teach arrives looking for Vane, but for what purpose, and what history do they share? History is coming alive in Black Sails and it’s turning into what could be a very deadly journey for both the pirates of Nassau and Woodes Rogers, but only one will come out the victor.

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