Top 5 nerdy things from The O.C.

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The Internet blew up when last week’s Powerball drawing was announced. Part of it was the $1.5 billion, but it was also because of where one of the first winners were announced. Chino Hills was where one lucky winner was located, and that struck gold for many fans of The O.C. Even Benjamin McKenzie couldn’t help but to put his former T.V. alias-name out there.

What’s even more amazing is that I believe most O.C. fans have forgotten what made the show truly nerdy. So, I’m here as a friendly reminder to remind all the Orange County fans what’s up. Welcome back to California.

5. The Comic Book Club


In the first season of The O.C., Seth Cohen starts a comic book club at Harbor, with less than 3 people that subsequently joined it: Ryan, Seth (president), and another student. But what made the comic book club truly stand out wasn’t its hilarious talks about The Incredible Hulk, but it was when Seth wanted to stalk Summer in season 2. Summer had a new boyfriend, Zach, and he was in The Comic Book club as well. So things got heated when Seth used his members to stalk Summer, and it made for a hilarious take.

4. The Signatures of the 21st century

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Throughout the show, flip phones were in and they were still hip. Summer and Marissa were big fans of them, so much so when they wanted to take pictures and selfies with their favorite actors during season 2, they did. Summer called it “the signatures of the 21st century.” It was quite funny to look back on those episodes to see how technology has come a long way. But you can even say that The O.C. was one of the first teen dramas that introduced selfies.

3. The Grand Theft Auto

ryan seth

When Ryan first entered the Cohen household, he sat alongside Seth to play a particular video game. Seth would reference that “stealing cars is cool, or not cool.” They never showed the game on screen and rightfully so, since the show was mostly PG to PG-13. But after watching the show numerous times, I came up with an easy theory that it was indeed, in fact, Grand Theft Auto. There were two cases presented in this argument: One was when Ryan just got off juvy from stealing a car with his brother, Trey. Second was later in the show, they were seen playing a Dynasty Warriors game. To make this argument plausible, they were seen holding a PS2 remote controller. In conclusion, they were playing either Grand Theft Auto 3 or Grand Theft Auto Vice City on the PlayStation 2. Furthermore, they couldn’t have played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because that come out in 2004 and The O.C. debuted in 2003. The point of Grand Theft Auto was for the writers to make a joke of Ryan’s carjacking. As for Dynasty Warriors, that brings us to number 2.

2. The PlayStation 2

rayn death

What is seen throughout the show was Ryan and Seth playing the PS2. They never talked about the console and it was never actually displayed. You mostly see the controller and a couple gameplay footages of a game that looked similar to Dynasty Warriors. But what made the PS2 really stand out in the show was that most of Seth and Ryan’s friends played the PS2 when hanging out. Throughout Chrismukkah and most of the holidays, Ryan and Seth’s friends were playing the PS2, and these were some of the game that it had suggested: Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Dynasty Warriors 1-4, Samurai Warriors, Twisted Metal Black, and/or Street Fighter.

1. The Atomic County

Photo via comicvine

The Atomic County was a comic book written by Seth Cohen and Zach Stevens, and was illustrated by Seth. The most unique thing about The Atomic Book County comic book series was that Seth had to either choose the comic book series or the love of his life, Summer. In Season 2, Seth and Zach teamed up and pitched the comic book to one of its buyers and they were successful up until Summer thought that there was too much clash between all of their relationships. So Seth chose Summer over the comic book, and Zach continued to pursue it. Ironically in season 4, Seth works at a local comic book shop that sold his old Atomic County comic book series which he wasn’t too fond of.

What did you guys think of the list? Were there more nerdy things from The O.C. that I missed? If so, drop it down in the comments below.


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