Steve Rogers will return as Captain America… again

steve rogers captain america

We all saw this one coming; however, I just figured it would take a little longer with Steve Rogers leading the Unity Squad over in Uncanny Avengers. He is once again set to return as Captain America. While Iron Nail may have removed the Super-Soldier Serum from Steve Rogers, the events of Avengers: Standoff! will somehow set the motions of the original Captain America to fight for what is right.

What does this mean for the current Captain America, Sam Wilson? Nothing, as it was revealed in an interview by with Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, the creative team working on the upcoming Captain America: Steve Roger comic book series. Both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson will be Captain America. Sam will keep the shield handed down to him by Steve Rogers while the returning Captain America will wear a new costume designed by Daniel Acuña and will wield a new shield that’s somewhat similar to his original.

Steve will still lead the Unity Squad but will also be working with his own team that consists of Sharon Carter (Agent 13), and some old faces he has teamed up with in the past. When asked why they’re bringing back Steve Rogers, Nick Spencer replied with, “The country is as divided as it’s ever been, and Steve is one of a kind; he’s a unifying figure, someone we can all look up to, [and] someone we can all put our faith in. It’s no secret the Marvel Universe is about to enter a period of serious conflict with Civil War II looming on the horizon, and as such, it feels like the perfect moment to bring Steve back into fighting shape.”

As for Sam Wilson, his adventures will continue in the Captain America: Sam Wilson comic book series. You can read more of the interview at

How do you feel about there being two Captain America characters?


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