Surprise screening of the Deadpool movie has massive positive response on Twitter

deadpool imax poster thumb

In a surprising turn of events, a chosen few were able to watch the Deadpool movie before its release into theaters next month. In fact, Ryan Reynolds was in attendance for a “special early footage screening” in New York that turned into a full screening of the movie itself. Everyone that was in attendance seemed to enjoy every minute of this which is reflecting on social media at the moment. Stan Lee, TJ Miller, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, and Brianna Hildebrand attended the Los Angeles screening.

Some fans have been complaining that Marvel has “too much humor” and “needs to be dark and gritty.” Personally, I think people need to chill out about that. When it comes to Deadpool, I think you’ll have the best of both worlds. Also from the looks of these tweets and reactions, Fox finally delivered the goods to the awaiting Deadpool comic fans. A majority of them were disappointed in the early portrayal of Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins.

I’m now truly hyped! Check out the awesome positive tweets below!

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