Saban and Boom! Studios hold a special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 launch event


With the release of Boom! Studio’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic #0 early last week, Saban Brands and Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, held a special MMPR official Exhibition and Comic Launch Party on January 16th. It began with an opening reception with some limited edition items and special guests on hand.

Since its release, the MMPR comic #0 has been flying off the shelves. It featured five different covers to pick up (Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black), which first debuted at 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con from artist Goni Montes, along with two highly sought after variant covers (Green and White). Attendees who lined up early had a chance to purchase the five cover set and get them autographed by writers Kyle Higgins, and Mairghread Scott who were in attendance at the event.

The event was packed all night with fans lining up as early as 2pm, wanting to be the first through the doors and pick up not only the comics but also Limited Edition prints that were on sale. These included a Lithograph print of the Green and White Ranger cover (limited to 75 pieces), Green and White Ranger Ukiyo-e prints, apparel, toys and a few other items while supplies lasted.

Right before the signings, we had a chance to talk with MMPR writer Kyle Higgins.

NR: How did the MMPR comic happen for you? Did you pitch the concept?

Kyle Higgins: I pitched the idea, but the genesis of it was that four years ago. Bryce Carlson, who is the managing editor of Boom!, and I were chatting over Gchat. I had just started writing a bunch of stuff over at DC, and Bryce and I have known each other for years. I was telling him that Boom! should do a really sweet Power Ranger book, and he said, “Oh, we’ve talked about it.” Fast forward four years, and all of a sudden, Boom announces they are doing Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. They had all the Goni Montes covers that are now the #0 covers, but those were done as promo pieces for San Diego Comic-Con. I saw them and they looked awesome. Aesthetically it was totally what I thought a modern kind of slick, contemporary Power Rangers book should and could look like.

I emailed Bryce and asked him who do I have to kill to write a pitch. I thought they had a writer already and I could be a backup or something, and Bryce said, “Oh no, we are looking for a writer right now and your name came up, so we are asking a bunch of people for pitches. If you have time and want to do one…” I said, “Yes, done.” I had a hole in my schedule for a week and I wrote up a pitch and submitted it. What I pitched Boom! really liked and Saban really liked and before I knew it, it was my gig.

NR: So I take it you are a big MMPR fan?

Kyle Higgins: I was when I was a kid. Yeah, being totally honest, I haven’t kept up with the series over the years. Since I’ve started writing for DC  back in 2011, at all the conventions I would meet a lot of people, fans and even colleagues that are my age that are still big Power Ranger fans and seeing that reignited that spark for me. I would go back and look up old episodes and look up old actors and wonder what ever happened to this character/person and think, “Did Austin St. John do anything after Power Rangers?” Stuff like that. As I get older, I find myself falling in love with things that made me happy as I was a kid again.

It was a fun night to be a fan of the original 1993 series, especially with all the amazing art work and fans. Include appearances from Time Force Red Ranger Jason Faunt and Pink Ranger Erin Cahill, and Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Cameron Jebo in their civilian outfits.

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