The Hex Room is a new type of horror escape room experience

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There are no actors, just you, your friends, and a set of clues you have to discover to get yourself free.

From Cross Roads Escape Games – Madison Rhoades has put together a whole new experience for all of us horror fans. She and her husband have worked on horror experiences like Delusion and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, and because of this, they know how to put a creative twist when it comes to interactive horror games.

The Hex Room is a whole other type of escape room. Unlike your usual ones where you just have to solve some puzzles and run out of there like a maniac, The Hex Room completely separates you from your friends. You all play cliché horror movie characters, and you have to work together… while not being together! Sounds complicated, but I can assure you it was one of the best experiences of my life!

Some of us cool cats from Nerd Reactor got the chance to visit The Hex Room to check it out ourselves. Let’s go over some of the things we did. Don’t worry, I won’t try and ruin all the fun for you!


We took a test to establish what cliché horror film character we would portray.

John, our lovely Editor-in-Chief, played the detective since most of us chose him to be the leader of our group. As the detective, he had access to a room that connected the rest of our rooms. With only a slot in each door, he had to pass things back and forth for us so that we can help each other out with codes. What was in one of the rooms might be a clue for another room. Since we were all locked in, John had the pleasure of making sure keys and other sorts of helpful items were passed through.

Our other teammate, Kate, played the virgin! Her room had a bit of a Nancy Drew theme to it. With loads of books, chess pieces, and puzzles, she had to look through novels and figure out secret numbers to unlock certain padlocks we all had.

I played the nerd. (Big surprise!) The cool thing about being the nerd was that I had a room filled with bugs, x-files-themed items, and loads of cool puzzles that were mega hard to find out! What I had in my room, she needed. What she had in hers, I needed. So it was really cool to have that sort of connection and figure out how to get out without being in the same room.

Narvin played the rebel. His room was small and only had four of the same colored walls. It was kind of like he was in a huge cement room, not to mention it was his very first time in an escape room!

For a first-time escapee, I truly enjoyed what Hex Room delivered. It was a gratifying experience grounded in brain teasers, puzzles and teamwork, overlaid beautifully under the guise of horror and slasher films’ best baddies and situations.”

Ironically, for his first time, he was the first person out of his room! Definitely one-upped me, if I do say so myself!

Arvin, on the other hand, played the prom queen. I don’t think any of us had any idea that’s what he would get! Fit for his character, his room was themed like a closet.

I’ve tried escape rooms before but this is the only one that has made me feel like a woman… Fyi. I’m a man,” said Arvin.

He had to search through loads of clothes, and he ended up having to eventually meet up with our jock, Mike!

Mike’s room ended up being a kitchen. Not really sure if that had anything to do with his character, but I’m not complaining! It was very interesting to see. Mainly, he had to work with Arvin. I guess that really is a cliche with the whole prom queen and jock ordeal!

Although we all managed to get out of our rooms, that wasn’t it. After you all are together once again, there are three more riddles and a maze you have to complete in order to successfully finish the game. Unfortunately, when we all managed to get out of our rooms – we only had 5 minutes left! So we ended up being unsuccessful and died. (Oh no!)

The Hex Room //

However, our lack of winning just gave us an even better reason to come back! We were planning on it anyway, but that just means we have so much more to try and unveil. And the best part of The Hex Room ? The fact that we get to play different characters every time. If you’ve already played a character and want to try something new, just let them know and that’s it! It never gets old, and you get to see it from all different perspectives. How cool is that?

That’s why The Hex Room is something I 100% recommend.

Hex Room engages every member of the group and forces them to solve their own puzzles; however, the ultimate key is to cooperate as a group. It will challenge the most experienced escapee but also give a fair shot to any newbie.” – Kate

It’s true! That’s why this specific escape room is so great, and I highly encourage you to check it out. It premieres this weekend (including today, January 15th), so if you’re looking for something cool and fun to check out, please go to The Hex Room!

For more details, here is the website.

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