Kid inspires petition to make Deadpool PG-13 version

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Fans have rejoiced when Ryan Reynolds beat the crap out of Extra host Mario Lopez and announced that the Deadpool movie was going to be Rated R. Ever since then, we’ve gotten some red-band trailers and news that the film will include lots of adult content. But what about a kid who wants to see the movie? Sure, he can see it if he’s accompanied by a parent and close his eyes. However, there are people who want to take it a step further by creating a petition to motivate Fox and the filmmakers to maker a PG-13 version of Deadpool.

Meet eight-year-old Matthew. He’s a big Deadpool fan. His mom doesn’t want him to see an R-rated film. Yeah, that’s a problem for little Matthew if he wants to see the Deadpool movie. He wrote a letter to his mother describing why he wants to see the film and how he’ll do his homework “all the time” and chores. He also said that he’ll cover his eyes when told.

Now there’s a petition in his honor that wants the filmmakers to make a Deadpool that’s rated PG-13.

What next? A petition wanting the government to change the age limit for driving if Matthew wants to drive a car if he promises to do his homework?

Source: via Screenrant

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