CES 2016: Kingston’s Hyper X gaming headset and business products

kingston_logoKingston had a fairly big presence this year at CES 2016, showcasing new products and value when it comes to its technology.


One of the first things we saw in there was their SSD drives. We got to see a demo of the speed when compared to competitors’ HDDs and SSDs. Kingston’s SSD is 15x faster than a standard hard drive and it really held up against the competition while also adding a much more reasonable cost. This SSD was designed for enterprise client workloads and features Smart Refresh to protect against read errors, and SmartECC to Guard Data.

nr MLWG3 Pro press release final 123015

Next up we caught up with two new versions of their MobileLite wireless. It has a USB port and SD card slot which enables you to access files on a USB Flash drive or SD card on your smartphone/tablet wirelessly. You can also transfer, backup or share photos, videos and other content without having to use a PC. This is great for mobile devices since you don’t have to delete or use Cloud-based backups. Both devices are Dual Band 802.11 ac for fast data transfer, but the upgraded MobileLite Wireless Pro has all of the same features as MLWG3, which has a 56mAh battery but also has 64GB of memory built-in to go along with its even larger 6900 mAh battery.


Lastly we were able to check out the HyperX officially licensed headset for Xbox One, which is based on the award-winning HyperX Cloud II design for PC. This includes large 53MM drivers that provided crystal clear sound. We were lucky enough to test this while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Xbox One and a few other games on PC, just to experience the surround sound audio which created an immersive experience.


The structure of the headphones was rather comfortable with memory foam ear cushions, soft leather-padded headband, and custom stitching for enhanced comfort and style. It’s also an over-the-ear, closed-cup design, which helps block out ambient noise, and has in-line volume controls. This might have been my favorite part of Kingston as they are catering to their gaming audience in a way that not only confirms the quality of their brand but also continues to make us wait in anticipation for their next generation of gaming and commercial products.

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