Top 4 costumes Spider-Man should wear in Captain America: Civil War

Because we are in the age of the internet, secrets and surprises in movies and video games come far and few between. Hence why the announcement of a new Spider-Man hoodie has lit a small fire online of speculation that it may hold the key to what Marvel’s interpretation of Spider-Man will look like in the new Captain America: Civil War movie. While the sweater is admittedly pretty awesome, the odds of it being the new look for the wall crawler is looking unlikely. While I personally despise people digging for insider information this way and passing it off as news, it does spark my imagination as to the aesthetics I would like to see in the latest silver screen adaptation of Peter Parker. Spider-Man has seen many different suits and variations throughout the years, and these are the suits I want to see in the movie.

#4 Ultimate Spider-Man Suit (Miles Morales Version)


The color scheme and design of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man suit are pure awesomeness. Its use of black and red makes it stand out from the pack. It’s edgy and would fit perfectly in Captain America: Civil War as a way to separate this new Spidey from the Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man franchises that Sony Pictures has already thoroughly tarnished. The downfall is that this suit belongs to Miles, not Peter. If down the road the film universe decided to add Miles to the mix, things might get confusing.

#3 Superior Spider-Man Suit


In 2013 comic book fans were treated to a pretty awesome Spider-Man comic book story arc, where Dr. Otto Octavius had switched bodies with Peter Parker, Freaky Friday style. Octavius (Peter Parker) dies leaving Doc Oc victorious to walk about the world and take over Parker/Spider-Man’s life. The good Doc decides to make some changes to the costume and add his own touch to some of the tech of the suit which gave us this beautiful Superior Spider-Man suit!

#2 Spider-Ben Suit


Yet another amazing suit that was not donned officially by Peter Parker, this one actually belonged to Peter Parker’s clone: Ben Reilly, better known as Scarlet Spider. This suit bares quite a few similarities to the Superior Spider Suit but utilizes a little bit more of the iconic red web design in the mid section. Ben was a pretty awesome Spider-Man character and he also made some personal liberties with the suits weaponry adding some neat tricks like impact webbing, and stinger darts.

#1 Iron Spider Suit


Honestly, if the Iron Spider suit does not make at least a brief appearance in the new Captain America: Civil War film, there will be many Spider-Man fans out there feeling upset. Spidey had a very pivotal role in the original comic book storyline for Civil War. Tony Stark recruited Peter Parker to his side of the Registration Act. Peter revealed his identity to the world and Stark made him the most technologically awesome suit he has ever had, that even included robo-arms. Peter would eventually foolishly switch sides and try to fight Stark while wearing the suit.. and Iron Man fans know that Tony would not have designed something without a contingency plan in place on how to defeat it. Regardless, here is to hoping that comic book fans get a glimpse of a live-action version of the Iron Spider suit.

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