CES 2016: Mad Catz reveals only wireless gaming headset you’ll need


Meet the Katana HD from Mad Catz, the only wireless headset you will ever need when it comes to gaming. Quite a bold statement indeed, but the Katana HD can back it up, bringing you eight channels of uncompressed sound in true 7.1 audio on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, mobile devices, and of course your Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The Katana HD is pretty unique not only does it offer amazing sound quality thanks to Madcatz partnering up with DTS, but does so in the best way possible.


Equipped with an adjustable removable boom microphone and 50 mm drivers, the most unique thing about this item is just how it works. Unlike other console specific Bluetooth headphones, you don’t need to connect anything into your controller or USB ports (except for the Xbox One version where you do need to connect a 3.5mm cable into the controller), and instead they connect the hub from your system and then directly into your TV. Add an HDMI hub for all your consoles and the Katana HD will focus in one the one the TV it’s using and you won’t have to every worry about switching back and forth between the consoles you plan on using.


The Katana HD is set to release later this month for $249.99. It isn’t a bad price seeing as it can be the only headset you’ll need to use for all of your systems while giving you amazing sound quality.


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