There’s a Rush Hour series happening… and yes, here’s the trailer


One of the key ingredients for the success of the Rush Hour movies was the pairing of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Both are fun actors to watch, and to see them interact with each other was an enjoyable ride as we watched the fastest mouth in the West meet the fastest hands in the East. CBS has been working on a Rush Hour TV series sans Chan and Tucker, with a new trailer that was released this week. I thought this was a bad parody at first, but then it started to sink in that this is actually a real thing.

Nothing about this trailer captures the energy and spirit from the movies, and it feels very uninspired. It’s as if John Foo and Justin Hires are forced to relive the films with guns pointed to their heads. Perhaps when the series premieres, I’ll be proven wrong.

Are you looking forward to CBS’ Rush Hour series?

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