Digital Storm’s pipes are cooler than yours


With the impending rise of steam machines, many have debated the important topic of proper PC cooling. I can’t stress how important it is to your desktop’s life span that proper measures be taken to reduce CPU temperatures for sustainable levels. How else would we be able to run four SLI GPUs in a tower smaller than most gaming laptops. Digital Storm’s HydroLux PRO provides a new luxury grade level of enthusiast cooling for those of us waiting to mod the hell out of Fallout 4.



“We’ve incorporated the apex of enthusiast grade liquid cooling builds into our flag-ship desktops,” said Harjit Chana, Chief Operating Officer. “HydroLux PRO is the final frontier of custom liquid cooling and our imagination is the only limit.”

The HydroLux PRO system replaces fragile elbow joints and bends with advanced compression fittings which quick disconnect brackets for easy access when adding or removing hardware.

45° & 90° angled adaptors allow for sleek looks, clean lines, and unmatched flexibility when designing custom loops to cool any configuration, no matter how complex. Meaning that the builds you’ve been dreaming of are now not only possible but can look pretty damn amazing and clean.


Copper or rigid acrylic tubing gives each system a durable & professional look that will last for years without any rust or tube discoloration. All of this is paired with Digital Storm’s airflow control board & software, unlocking maximum control over chassis thermals and noise. Digital Storm wants less work from you, better airflow through your tower, and some seriously sick inverted builds are now very possible. Digital Storm amazes us yet again this year with some of the most impressive builds out there.

Now if only mine looked anywhere near that impressive. 


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