Amazon offers 20% off video game pre-orders and new releases to Prime members

20% off amazon

Amazon Prime subscribers have a new reason to be happy. Amazon has revealed that it will be adding a new incentive for subscribers to the already popular service. All members moving forward will receive 20% off video game pre-orders and newly released games on top of the already existing launch day delivery.

Members have up to two weeks after a game releases to receive the 20% off deal, and the 20% will also apply to Limited Edition releases. The new offer puts Amazon on par with Best Buy, which has offered the Gamers Unlocked program since late 2013. (For $30, members receive 20% all new games and pre-orders, along with gaming accessories for two years.)

This means your $59.99 game will cost $47.99 before tax. With Amazon Prime shipping is free. It’s a smart move which means more gamers will be shopping at Best Buy or Amazon to save more money. At the same time this will hurt smaller gaming shops that don’t move the numbers the two giants do.

Your move, GameStop.

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