Rock out with these Mega Man HD LED Headphones



It’s been about six years since we’ve seen a “new” Mega Man title, and it’s nice to see Capcom knowing that fans want more of the blue bomber, even if they are just licensing out the rights for other companies to create a bunch of collectibles including figures, apparel, accessories, replica Mega Buster  and Helmet.

Last month at the PlayStation Experience, the Capcom booth showcased a pair of Mega Man-themed headphones which lit up around the ear cups. Those same headphones have appeared at the EMIO website for order retailing at $99.99, which includes taxes and shipping.


Marked as Limited Edition headphones, the website doesn’t feature much in terms of information on the headphones aside from a few photos and an order link. I actually like the look and design of the headphones including the box, but what else can we expect from the headphones when it comes to sound?


If you want to add a little extra 8-bit blue in your life, you can also purchase a pair of analog grips for $9.99.

We’ve reached out to EMIO for more information on the specs of the Mega Man HD LED Headphones.

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