Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller to voice Superboy in DC Universe Online game


It’s already becoming a great new year for IGN alumn Greg Miller. After leaving his work behind with IGN early last year, Miller has become his own boss at Kinda Funny. In December he received Trending Gamer of the Year at the Game Awards for the work he has accomplished that same year. He beat out the likes of popular YouTuber PewdiePie and Markiplier. There’s no doubt that Miller has become one of the most popular gaming personalities around the web.

With the high praise Miller has been receiving as of late, he added more accomplishments over his cape. He announced yesterday on his Twitter handle that he will be the voice of Superboy in the free-to-play D.C. Universe online video game. Superboy would most likely come in the form of downloadable content. No official word yet if there would be a price point on the new character. But as a fan of Greg Miller’s work and as a fan of Superboy, I couldn’t be happier.


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