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It was just last week that EA released the official announcement video for its latest MMA game, UFC 2. Just one week later it has also released a new video that goes a little bit more in depth into the gameplay and mechanics systems aptly titled “Gameplay Series”. In this video, it breaks down the new Knockout Physics, Submissions, Grappling, and Defense.

The video starts of with some in-game footage of former WWE Superstar CM Punk walking out to the octagon, which is a pretty big reveal in and of itself since ‘Chick Magnet’ has yet to make his UFC debut. The game’s character models and animations already appear much improved from the last game, and of course featured in the video are some UFC fan favorites like Dan Henderson, Conor McGregor, Alistair Overeem, and the 209’s Nate Diaz. It can be difficult sometimes to weed out what ‘new features’ are legit and which ones are fluff. For the most part, I’d say things like KO physics are fluff, but when it comes to the submissions and grappling there were some very interesting revelations.

The ‘new’ striking defense system is visually very similar to what we saw in EA’s MMA back in 2010, which is my personal favorite mixed martial arts game of all time. The whole 360-degree control of fighters head movement was also very similar to a feature in EA’s MMA. Grappling and submissions are such an intricate part of MMA and has never been done justice in a video game. It looks like the previous systems have been trashed and totally revamped with what they are calling ‘dynamic grappling’. Rather than turn based or player triggered actions, both fighters will be making moves and adjustments in real time.

The most exciting thing was the small glimpse we got off the ‘Grapple Assist HUD’. Now it may not be the most immersive looking approach to submissions and grappling, but it looks effective. Your fighters options at a given moment are displayed as a ‘road map’ to navigating the ground game. It looks like based on your fighters proficiency in wrestling and jiu-jitsu will dictate the number of options you have in different ground positions and the speed at which you can accomplish them. Since in the video two of MMA’s best middleweight grapplers, Demian Maia and Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, are being used in the demonstration, it’s hard to tell how a sluggish grappler would handle compared to a master.

This is a much more exciting video for me as a fight fan, and an avid gamer. The announcement video is cool and all, but gameplay and features are what set these games apart. Hopefully in an upcoming video we can get more insight into the game modes.. specifically the career in the career department. The more that they steal from EA’s MMA in the Career Mode department, the better.

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