Smite Down: New god reveal, Amaterasu, The Shining Light


All the speculation has been true, well some of it, as HiRez releases the trailer for the next god in Smite, Amaterasu.

The first Japanese pantheon to the game, Amaterasu brings the light with her ability to put out damage and buff her allies. Using her Divine Presence, Amaterasu can provide either bonus power or movement speed, making her an important role in the fight. Her ultimate is a three-hit combo that gets stronger with each hit, also causing status effects with each consecutive hit.

ama move

Amaterasu is a melee warrior and I couldn’t be happier that HiRez went in this direction. They could have easily made her a mage all about the sun and called it a day, but looking at Amaterasu gives me hope for the future Japanese gods in the game. Bring on Fujin!

Check out below for more details about Amaterasu.

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