New Vocaloid for SEKAI NO OWARI


New and upcoming popular indie band SEKAI NO OWARI will release its very own Vocaloid for download this January 28th (physical copy release date not yet announced) for 14,000 yen ($119.30 USD)!

Based on lead singer Fukase, Library Fukase is based on the VOCALOID4 system and boasts a voice bank provided by said vocalist. The character design was chosen from a Pixiv contest, as shown below:


Other features the program includes are:

  • English voice bank
  • Japanese voice bank (2 vocal libraries: Normal and Soft)
  • Electronica-Tune plug-in (alters the voice to a more robotic tone)
  • How-to pamphlet for new Vocaloid users, using the band’s song “Starlight Parade”
  • Bundle for music-editing software Cubase


For a sneak preview, check out these sample songs created using VOCALOID4 Fukase!

Set Me Free – Vocaloid Fukase

Looks like Fukase was intended for EDM music, which explains the extra electronica plug-in, though it works just as well for other music, as shown in the other following videos!


This one is more of a blend between EDM and pop, for those who prefer a more middle-ground sound.

Boku ga Monsutaa ni natta Hi (The day I became a Monster) – rerulili feat.VOCALOID Fukase

Showing that indeed Fukase can be successfully used for pop, this one falls more in line with some of the more popular well-known Vocaloid pop songs.

Sekai no Hajimari (Beginning of the World) – CaptainMirai feat. VOCALOID Fukase

A quirky song utilizing the plug-in, the music video actually strongly reminds me of D.Gray-man.

Check out the official website for more details!

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