King Shark will return in The Flash


Easily one of my favorite TV moments of 2015 was the appearance of King Shark in The Flash. His appearance was so unexpected that it left me wanting more and given what we’ve seen with the Grodd episode, I knew that Team Flash could pull off a King Shark-centered episode. It was recently revealed that David Ramsey was on the set of The Flash and later confirmed that he along with is onscreen wife (played Audrey Marie Anderson) would join The Flash for a special crossover episode.

In the episode, Diggle comes to Central City to help Barry take down King Shark after he escaped from ARGUS. Shark is still hellbent on doing Zoom’s bidding and tries to destroy The Flash.

Interestingly enough, there were rumors dating as far back as November claiming that King Shark would return in the Flash/Arrow crossover event. Even more interesting, it was David Ramsey who reportedly said that King Shark would return at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, which were later denied. Now that the episode has been confirmed by Andrew Kriesberg, I guess David was right all along. King Shark would return in a crossover episode, just not the one that everyone thought he was talking about.

King Shark will return on the 15th episode of this season, so most likely we will see Barry and Diggle team up on February 23 episode of The Flash.

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