Kevin Smith will direct an episode of The Flash this season


Just announced this weekend at the Television Critics Association, Clerks director Kevin Smith will direct an episode of The Flash this season. Outside of films, Smith has had a very successful run in comics. Writing numerous well praised issues for Daredevil, Batman and The Green Arrow. On his podcast Fatman on Batman, he has often sung the praises of The Flash television show and even posted a video of himself crying over last season’s finale.

Recently, Kevin Smith posted his reaction to the news on his twitter account.

Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg revealed in a recent interview that he was a big fan of Kevin’s work and was happy to have him onboard for this season.

“I literally got a phone call from his agent saying, ‘Kevin Smith’s favorite show is The Flash’ and was there an episode for him and the answer was ‘yes.’ It was really that simple. I know what a fan he is. I’m such a huge fan of his work. And it was funny because I just watched The Death of Superman Lives, it was serendipitous having him in my head again. I loved the movie Dogma and the show Reaper too, which he directed the pilot for. And obviously there’s a good deal of publicity that comes with this and as responsible executive producers, we have to look at that. But we would never look at that at the expense of our own show. Knowing the scrutiny that the episode is going to be under, I know he’s going to bring it to his fullest.”

There is no set date or any info on what will be covered in his episode, but it is expected to air in may which will be at the tail end of the season. Maybe will see Kevin Smith direct an episode of Arrow as well? The Flash returns Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Do yourself a favor and watch Kevin’s reaction to the season finale in the video below.

Source: EW

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